Is Ireland Vegan Friendly? A Travelers Survival Guide for 2024

If youโ€™ve yet to explore Ireland as a vegan, you might wonder if your plant-loving heart will find a welcoming pub to enjoy here! Don’t worry, Ireland has more than just vegan basics. You will even find some of the best traditional Irish food in Ireland made vegan friendly!

Overall, Is Ireland vegan friendly? Mostly, yes! From traditional Irish dishes to modern twists on classics like vegan shepherdโ€™s pie and fishless fish and chips, there are plenty of plant-based and vegan friendly options in Ireland. And let’s not forget about the fresh and local produce you’ll find in every corner of Ireland. If you want to know what to expect when traveling in Ireland, keep reading for my best tips!

A vegan lasagna I had at Petronella in Kilkenny. The sauce was heavenly!

Beyond just food, Ireland has a deep connection with nature. As you explore the countrysides, it’s hard not to feel a connection to the earth itself! Traveling as a vegan in Ireland, you can fully embrace this connection and find ways to support sustainable food practices.

I promise, there’s ‘craic‘ to be had by all, vegans included!

๐Ÿ„ Is There Vegan Food In Ireland?

is Ireland vegan friendly
VFace Vegan Burger in Dublin, Ireland. Credit: VFace

The short answer? Absolutely โ€˜yesโ€™, there is vegan food, and Ireland is vegan friendly, if you know where and how to look. Ireland’s food culture is just as diverse as the landscapes here! There are so many different options for vegan food in Ireland.

You will find supermarkets that have plant-based milk, gas stations with snacks free from animal products, and even traditional dishes at restaurants that can be made vegan friendly. That being said, know that Ireland is quite famous for their butter. More than likely, if you order a tomato sandwich, it will have butter on it! So, if you’re unsure if what you’re ordering is vegan, ask beforehand! Irish people are helpful and friendly, and won’t mind telling you what options and accommodations are available.

๐Ÿป Is Guinness Vegan In Ireland?

is Guinness vegan in Ireland?
Our vegan friendly pints of Guinness at Dublin’s Guinness Brewery.

Now we’re getting to the important questions! Yes, Guiness is vegan in Ireland! Famous for its ties to traditional Irish culture, Guinness has offered a vegan version of its signature stout since 2017. This was a historical change to the Guiness recipe. Guiness is now proudly vegan! No longer will the creaminess of the red stuff (yes, Guinness is red!) be reserved for non-vegans. We can all now revel in the Irish pub experience knowing we’re sipping on a drink completely vegan. It was so fun to visit the Guinness experience in Dublin and be able to enjoy Guinness from the rooftop bar, knowing that Guinness is vegan friendly!

๐ŸŽ Drinking Cider in Ireland

vegan friendly cider in Ireland

My favorite vegan friendly cider in Ireland was Rockshore Cider! It was confirmed by Rockshore via Barnivore, “Although we do not market our products as being vegan or vegetarian, I can confirm that Rockshore Cider is vegan friendly.” If you have a cider you’re interested in, but aren’t sure if it is vegan – I recommend looking it up through the Barnivore cider list.

๐ŸŒฑ Is Dublin Vegan Friendly?

is Dublin Ireland vegan friendly

Dublin is an incredible place to travel while vegan. There is something for everyone almost everywhere in the city. Many restaurants offer delicious vegan options throughout the city centre. Dublin even hosts an annual vegan food festival, Dublin Vegfest, which features a range of vegan dishes from local vendors.

I had some incredible vegan food while in Dublin, which was the most vegan friendly city that I have visited in Ireland. Dublin seems to embrace veganism. This definitely makes it easier to maintain eating vegan while exploring the culture and traditional cuisine here!

โ˜• My Favorite Vegan Friendly Cafe in Dublin

Our soy and oatmilk lattes in Dublin at Groundstate Coffee.

When we stayed in Dublin, my husband and I were recommended a fantastic vegan friendly cafe by our B&B host. It’s called Groundstate Coffee, and it’s located only a few blocks away from Dublin’s famous Guinness Brewery. The ambiance at the coffee shop felt lovely and earthy, with vegan friendly coffee options. It also had the most incredible sandwich I’ve ever eaten (so far) as a vegan. I’m serious, it was so good we had to came back the next day to buy another one! I will dream of this sandwich for years to come!

vegan friendly food in Ireland
No big deal, just the vegan sandwich of my dreams in Dublin at Groundstate Coffee.

Groundstateโ€™s best vegan sandwich (we tried them both) is called the the โ€˜Smokey Tofu Samboโ€™. It features oven-baked tofu marinated in a smoked paprika and tamari sauce, house caraway kraut, tomato and fennel jam, organic mixed greens and roasted garlic aioli on sourdough.

Popular vegan friendly cafes in Dublin include:

  • Groundstate Coffee
  • Cornucopia
  • Blazing Salads
  • Happy Food

๐Ÿป My Favorite Vegan Friendly Pub in Dublin

vegan friendly restaurant in Ireland
Me – All smiles after a great vegan dinner, outside the Brazen Head in Dublin, Ireland.

If you’re longing to try traditional Irish food and are looking for a vegan friendly pub in Dublin, look no further than the Brazen Head, the oldest pub in Dublin. The vegan friendly version of their ‘Vegetarian Pie’, is a must-try. A medley of seasonal vegetables and flavorsome gravy awaits, underneath buttery butter-less Irish potatoes that looked like ice cream scoops. These potatoes, as well as the ‘chips’ or fries here, were some of the best I ate on my entire trip through Ireland.

vegan friendly dinner in Ireland
Vegan Shepard’s Pie in Dublin, Ireland. Just look at those buttery butter-less potatoes!

Popular vegan friendly pubs in Dublin include:

“I tried vegan fish and chips in Dublin – I didn’t expect it to be so delicious.” This is just one example of the experiences you can have when exploring Ireland’s vegan options. Next time you’re in Dublin, be sure to check out my personal favorites!

๐ŸŒฑ Is Northern Ireland Vegan Friendly?

Yes! Northern Ireland, the smaller region that makes up the northern part of Ireland, also has vegan friendly options. A quick glance at HappyCow shows that Northern Ireland has plenty of vegan friendly options.

vegan friendly places in Northern Ireland
Map showing vegan friendly options in Belfast.

For example, some popular vegan friendly options in Belfast include:

  • Harrys at 387 – offers vegan baked goods and desserts, pies, burgers, and chips. 
  • Oh Donuts & Coffee – offers vegan coffee and vegan donuts.
  • Home Restaurant – According to reviews it has a separate vegan menu, nicely sized portions, and a friendly staff. Home offers western style food with an international influence.

So don’t limit your exploration to just Dublin – venture out and see all that Ireland has to offer for vegans!

๐Ÿ’ Traveling Vegan in Ireland: Tips and Tricks

As a vegan, it can take time out of your travels to find vegan food while you’re on the go. It’s important to do a little research and plan ahead if you want to feel satisfied with the vegan friendly options! Remember that you can always check HappyCow for recommendations and reviews and places in the areas surrounding you. When in doubt, you can also opt for other vegan friendly staples. Indian or Thai often have plant-based options no matter where in the world you are.

 โœ… Plan Ahead For Your Vegan Travels in Ireland!

Don’t let the traditional Irish cuisine discourage you from visiting this beautiful country. Next time you’re worrying “is Ireland vegan friendly?”, remember that with some research, you can find delicious vegan options all over the country. From cozy cafes shops to historic pubs, there are plenty of options for vegans in Ireland.

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