Is Galway in Northern Ireland? – A Traveler’s Guide

Galway is a very popular destination for visitors to Ireland. And while planning a trip to Ireland, the question often arises, “Is Galway in Northern Ireland?” For anyone planning a trip to Ireland, understanding the distinction is essential! Here’s my comprehensive guide to navigating the boundaries of Ireland, and figuring out Galway’s placement on Ireland’s coastline.

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๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ช Is Galway in the UK? – Navigating Ireland’s Borders

Is Galway in Northern Ireland?

Galway is not in the UK, and therefore Galway is not in Northern Ireland, either! Ireland, divided into two distinct territories, presents both an opportunity and questions for visitors. When trip planning, many wonder how to visit Galway, or if they should visit Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland. In the south, the Republic of Ireland prospers with its own governance and culture; to the north, Northern Ireland is an integral part of the United Kingdom, offering its own set of experiences for visitors. So where does Galway, fit into this divide?

๐Ÿ“Galway’s Location – Understanding Ireland’s Geography

Galway is located on the west coast of Ireland, in the province of Connacht, within the Republic of Ireland. The Republic of Ireland encompasses 26 out of 32 counties that make up the island, while Northern Ireland occupies the remaining six counties in the northeast. For those of you more familiar with Dublin while trip planning – Galway is about 3 hours from Dublin by car.

๐ŸŒŽ Northern Ireland vs Galway

On the flip side, Northern Ireland stands as a testament to resilience, where the past meets a modern march toward peace and prosperity in the region. The capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast, is a modern and thriving city with its own rich history, including its shipbuilding heritage and the famous Titanic Belfast museum. The North is home to the rolling green hills of County Antrim which offers views for those dreaming of the Irish countryside, and the Giant’s Causeway is one of two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Ireland that amazes visitors with its unique rock formations.

โ“Why is Ireland Split in Two Countries?

Why is Ireland split in two countries, and what is the difference? Well, to understand the differences between the areas, we have to look at Irish history. The geographical division of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland comes from the Irish War of Independence and the partition of 1921. The Republic of Ireland emerged as an independent state while Northern Ireland remained part of the UK, setting the stage for a geographical and political divergence that persists to this day. Both regions share a history of struggle, solidarity, and resilience.

๐Ÿ—บ๏ธ How Far is Northern Ireland from Galway?

Northern Ireland - Belfast

Now that you know that Galway is not IN Northern Ireland, you may be wondering how far away it is from Northern Ireland and if it would be possible to visit both places. The good news is that it’s only about a 3-hour drive from Galway to Northern Ireland. This means you can easily plan a day trip or even make it part of your itinerary for a longer stay in Ireland. Don’t worry if you’re thinking about driving in Ireland when you have never driven on the left-hand side before, as it’s a common concern for travelers. However, there are also plenty of tour options available if you prefer not to drive, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way!

๐Ÿป Is Galway Worth Visiting?

While Dublin may be the easiest starting point when planning a trip to Ireland, Galway should not be forgotten! Galway is a well-loved destination for visitors and great for anyone looking to experience the vibrant and creative culture of Ireland. Galway will be sure to capture your heart on your trip to Ireland. Make sure to plan ahead!

๐Ÿ’š The Heart and Soul of Galway

Home of the Claddagh ring to tourists, Galway is so much more than that. It is a cultural crossroads and an epicenter for festivals and events, which Galway is known for in Ireland. The festivals in Galway range from the famous Galway International Arts Festival to the Oyster and Seafood Festival, showcasing the vibrant culture of Ireland’s western coastline. From the seaside views, traditional Irish music sessions in pubs, to international street performers and art festivals, there is always something to see in Galway.

Exploring Beyond Galway: the Wild Atlantic Way

Wild Atlantic Way - Kerry Cliffs
Me at the Kerry Cliffs along the Wild Atlantic Way last September.

The Wild Atlantic Way is a popular destination for tourists. It also happens to be the longest coastal drive in the world, stretching 2,500 km along Ireland’s rugged and breathtaking western coastline. If you’re planning on driving in Ireland, traveling through the Wild Atlantic Way is a great choice, which offers stunning views of cliffs, beaches, and charming seaside towns. Worried about making the drive? Read my tips and advice for driving in Ireland before embarking on your Wild Atlantic Way journey!

Cliffs of Moher along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Note: Galway is a major stop on this route and offers stunning views of its famous Cliffs of Moher and unique landscapes like The Burren.

๐Ÿš— Is a Day Trip from Dublin to Galway Worth it?

Photo I took walking walking while down the streets of Dublin.

When planning a trip to Ireland, it can be tempting (and difficult) to try and fit in as many destinations as possible. While Galway is absolutely worth a visit, the question remains – is it worth taking a day trip from Dublin?

The answer depends on your travel style and preferences. If you enjoy the freedom of driving and want to explore at your own pace, then a day trip from Dublin to Galway is definitely worth it. The drive itself will take approximately just under 3 hours, but you’ll have the opportunity to stop at charming towns and scenic viewpoints along the way. Plus, driving through the beautiful Irish countryside is an experience in itself!

On the other hand, if you prefer a more structured tour with a knowledgeable guide on the area, then a day trip tour from Dublin to Galway may be the best choice.

โœ… Check prices and book a tour from Dublin to Galway!

Don’t forget to also try some traditional Irish cuisine while in Galway, like fish and chips or an Irish stew!

โ˜˜๏ธ Galway is not in Northern Ireland, So Plan Carefully

So, the next time you’re planning a trip to Ireland and asking yourself “is Galway in Northern Ireland?”, remember this โ€” Galway is not in Northern Ireland, nor is Galway in the UK. It stands proudly on the west coast of the Republic, immersed in Celtic heritage and contemporary charm. Wherever you choose to explore in this beautiful country, may your journey be full of good craic.

Note for travelers: in this context, “craic” would mean good/great fun in Ireland!

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