Falconry in Ireland: Where to Go for the Best Experience

If you’re looking for a truly unique activity to make your trip to Ireland extra special, you definitely should do a falconry experience in Ireland. This ancient sport has been practiced in Ireland for centuries and is an incredible experience! Getting up close with these majestic birds of prey and learning about them from a falconer is unforgettable. Speaking from my own experiences in Ireland, I’ll give you the top spots I’d recommend for falconry in Ireland — plus tips to make the most of the experience.

Where to do Falconry in Ireland

🦅 Falconry in County Kerry

This corner of southwest Ireland has some great falconry opportunities, especially if you’re visiting Killarney or driving the famous Ring of Kerry. Here are a few great options for falconry in County Kerry:

1. Killarney Falconry

Set in the backdrop of Killarney’s countryside, Killarney Falconry is a great choice if you’re planning to spend a day in Killarney. Killarney Falconry’s hawk walks take place in the heart of Killarney so it’s easy to schedule before exploring through Killarney National Park or your drive around the Ring of Kerry. Imagine watching a hawk take off your arm with the Killarney landscape as the backdrop—it’s unreal! The falconer will also take lots of photos for you during your experience with the hawk and owls, which is a huge plus! 📷

holding owls in Killarney - part of the amazing experience of falconry in Ireland!
Holding owls with Killarney Falconry in Ireland!

2. Falconry Kerry

If Killarney Falconry is booked up, don’t worry! There’s another place in Killarney that offers the wild experience you’re looking for. Falconry Kerry is another fantastic choice for visitors to Killarney. Just be sure to make a reservation in advance because this is definitely one of the more popular areas to experience falconry in Ireland!

3. Kingdom Falconry

Kingdom Falconry has a variety of falconry experiences from public experiences, private experiences, and hawk walks. This makes it a great option in the area for all budgets! The team and Kingdom Falconry very obviously really cares for their birds and the experiences they provide. Kingdom Falconry operates from the Milltown House Guesthouse in Dingle, making it a convenient stop in your trip to the Dingle area!

4. Dingle Falconry

If you’re planning a trip near Dingle, you can also look into booking with Dingle Falconry. These guys are popular on Google, so make sure you check the reservations well in advance here! The falconers at Dingle Falconry are passionate and knowledgeable, also providing incredible experiences with birds of prey out of Dingle.

🦅 Falconry in County Clare

County Clare on the west coast of Ireland is an absolutely epic place to experience falconry in Ireland. This area has some great options that let you get up close and personal with a variety of birds of prey. Here are the falconry experiences I recommend in County Clare:

1. Dromoland Castle

If luxury castle vibes are your thing Dromoland Castle is the place to be for falconry. Can you imagine wandering the grounds of a castle with a falcon on your arm? That’s the vibe here!

2. Burren Birds of Prey Centre

On the other hand, get off the beaten path at the Burren Birds of Prey Centre! The Burren landscape is iconic, and gives you a chance to meet hawks and other birds in their natural habitat.

🦅 Falconry in County Mayo

Ireland’s School of Falconry at Ashford Castle is a great choice for falconry in County Mayo. Is there a better place to learn the ins and outs of working with hawks than at a falconry school set on a 800-year-old castle’s grounds? If you want to feel like a medieval lord or lady—make a trip to Ashford Castle for a falconry experience!

🦅 Falconry in County Cork

For a falconry adventure down in County Cork, definitely check out Longueville House. This gorgeous old manor is the perfect setting for a falconry experience in Ireland. Here you can immerse yourself in ancient sport of falconry while enjoying the Irish countryside at an old Irish country manor. Note that this is one of the more pricier experiences, as Longueville House currently only offers group pricing.

🦅 Falconry in County Dublin

Dublin is one of the easiest destinations to fly into, so why not book a falconry experience in Dublin? Dublin Falconry has got you covered! Located out of Luttrellstown Castle Resort, they offer a variety of prices and falconry experiences. Booking with them makes it easy if you’re staying in Ireland for a short time, or just looking for something in the Dublin area.

Hotels with Falconry in Ireland

The easiest way to do falconry in Ireland? Do it right at your hotel – no traveling around required. Just roll out of bed and there’s a falconer waiting for you on the grounds! Here are the best hotels with falconry in Ireland:

Ashford Castle, County Mayo. Credit: istock / babsu2006

1. Ashford Castle, County Mayo

On the shores of Lough Corrib, Ashford Castle holds the oldest school for falconry in all of Ireland. This is a perfect destination to stay and to book a falconry experience in Ireland. The castle itself is like a fairytale dream, surrounded by 350-acres of gardens and forests filled with wildlife.

2. Luttrellstown Castle Resort, County Dublin

The Luttrellstown Castle Resort dates back to the 15th century and is absolutely breathtaking. But what makes visiting the resort even more special is being able to have a falconry experience on its grounds! I highly recommend if you’re visiting the city of Dublin.

3. Adare Manor, County Limerick

Adare Manor is a 5 star luxury hotel in County Limerick that offers falcon walks. You will be able to meet several owls at a falconry experience here, as well as a Harris Hawk. Adare Manor offers many other activities including horseback riding.

4. Dromoland Castle, County Clare

Falconry at Dromoland castle is an incredible experience. Against the backdrop of ancient woodlands you can get up close and personal with falcons, hawks and owls! After that, you can explore the Woodland Fairy Trail at the castle, or even try your hand at archery.

5. Milltown House, County Kerry

Join in a budget friendly group falconry experience at Milltown House in Dingle. This is a collaboration with Dingle Falconry and takes place at 5PM each day on the front lawn of Milltown House. Visitors can pay in advance and get a chance to fly and hold a Harris Hawk, European Eagle-Owl, and Peregrin Falcon. Private tours can also be booked here.

💸 Cost of Falconry in Ireland

Let’s talk about the cost of falconry experiences in Ireland. A short hawk costs about €50-80 per person. For an hour hawk walk, like the hawk walk I took in Killarney, it cost €120 for two people. It wasn’t cheap, but it was doable and it’s hard to put a price on an experience you’ll remember forever.

That being said, for a family or group falconry experience in Ireland, the costs can really add up pretty quickly. Not only that, but some of the priciest experiences are larger group prices which can land in the area of €700 – €1000 depending on group size.
Cost Tip: When planning a trip, budget plan beforehand to figure out where you can cut trip costs to save for experiences.

Travel Tips for Falconry in Ireland

  • Dress for the weather. Ireland is known for its weather changes. Although generally mild, wearing layers is a good idea.
  • Wear long sleeves. I recommend wearing long sleeves for a falconry experience since you will be holding the birds!
  • Speaking of weather, prepare for cancellations. Falconry experiences are weather dependant so it’s important to have a backup plan for the day. Don’t worry! You will be refunded if your experience needs to be cancelled for any reason.
  • Book in advance. I recommend booking your falconry experience in Ireland at least a few weeks before your trip. Depending on the season, falconers may be busy, especially in the summer months.

Falconry in Ireland FAQs

Is there falconry in Northern Ireland?

Yes, there is falconry in Northern Ireland! It’s not as publicized like in the Republic of Ireland, but there are still plenty of falconers and falconry in Northern Ireland. One of the most popular falconry experiences in Northern Ireland is Hawk Walks NI. This husband and wife falconry team is dedicated to providing incredible falconry experiences to visitors to Northern Ireland!

Is falconry legal in Ireland?

Yes, falconry is 100% legal in Ireland and has a long history in this country. It’s considered both a sport and a cultural tradition, and there are many licensed falconers and falconry experiences in Ireland.

Where is the best place to do falconry in Ireland?

As for the best place to do falconry in Ireland, it really depends on your preferences and where you’re planning to visit! While Killarney in County Kerry is one of the most popular places to do falconry experiences, the other counties mentioned all offer great falconry experiences as well. Each location has its own unique landscapes and features, and that’s something important to keep in mind when trip planning.

How much is falconry in Ireland?

Cost wise, falconry experiences in Ireland can range from around €50 to €80 per person for shorter hawk walks. Longer walks can cost about €120 to €250 for two people. Larger group experiences can be pricier, up to €700 to €1000 and possibly more, depending on the size of the group and location.

Is a Falconry Experience in Ireland Worth it?

A falconry experience in Ireland is definitely worth it! Falconry in Ireland not only provides an unforgettable experience but is also unique opportunity to connect with Ireland’s deep heritage. It’s an experience that’s a chance of a lifetime to learn about birds of prey from local falconers who really love their life’s work.

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