Best Shoes for Ireland: Essential Shoes for Your Trip

If you’re planning a trip to the Emerald Isle and want to be comfortable, we need to talk about shoes. Trust me, having the right shoes for Ireland is important and can make or break your adventures. Don’t be like me and get blisters on your very first trip! Based on my experiences in Ireland, I’ll unpack everything I’ve learned and give you my essential tips on packing the best shoes for your Irish adventure for any season.

“Take the road less travelled, but first get some new shoes.” – Unknown

Choosing Shoes for Ireland: Factors to Consider

Remember, it’s important to consider a few factors when choosing the right shoes for Ireland. The weather, terrain, and activities you plan to do on your trip should guide what shoes you choose to get. Here’s how you should decide on what shoes you should bring to Ireland:

Me at the Kerry cliffs wearing the best shoes for Ireland - boots!
Wearing my trusty boots walking up to the Kerry Cliffs in Ireland!
  1. The Weather and Season: Ireland’s weather can be unpredictable, with rain showers and drizzle-y days. It’s smart to choose shoes that can withstand rainy conditions, especially when traveling in fall and winter.
  2. The Irish Terrain: Ireland has jagged coastlines, rocky mountains, and bumpy country roads. Depending on what experiences you are planning, you may want to consider different shoe options. For hiking or walking on uneven surfaces, choose shoes with more traction!
  3. Comfort: Comfort is SO important on travels! Don’t worry, all of the shoes I’ve recommended, I chose for a traveler who is on their feet for most of the day.
  4. Your Style: Choosing shoes that match your own style is important! I’ve made sure to recommend shoes that include a variety of style options to choose from.

By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll be sure to choose the perfect shoes for Ireland! Let’s move on to my specific recommendations for different types of shoes for your journey.

β˜€οΈ Shoes for Ireland in Summer + Spring

Ireland comes to life in the summer and springtime, and you want to make sure you have the best shoes for your trip to this beautiful country. From climbing castle steps to exploring the Irish countryside, make sure you’re ready for everything during the season! Here are my top choices for the best shoes for Ireland in the Summer and Spring:

Shoe BrandStyleKey FeaturesPrice
RykaEco Knit SliponsLightweight and breathable design, cushioned sole for all-day comfort.$89
SkechersWomens Go Walk True 5Classic, durable walking shoes with a breathable insole with rebound cushioning.$45
SorelWaterproof Womens SneakerCasual but waterproof! Comfortable and works great in the rain and keeps feet dry in unpredictable weather.$109
SkechersWomens Go Walk JoyMachine washable, comfortable for walking, variety in color choices.$50

Top Traveler’s Choice

The Ryka Eco Knit Slipons are the top traveler’s choice for summer and spring in Ireland! These shoes are a perfect choice because of their cushioned sole, lightweight design, and comfort when you’re on your feet exploring all day.

photo of boots for Ireland

πŸ‚ Shoes for Ireland in Winter + Fall

The rainy season is here! If you’re packing for these seasons, you’re definitely going to want to take the right shoes for Ireland. Staying warm and dry is important for enjoying your trip to Ireland! From cozy boots for wandering through the rainy streets of Dublin, to sturdy shoes for visiting Ireland’s cliffsides, I’m sharing with you the best list of shoes for Ireland in the winter and fall.

Shoe BrandStyleKey FeaturesPrice
Moda ChicCombat Lace-Up Ankle BootsWarm, stylish, lace-up boots. Well-made versatile design, great for city exploration.$39
CottimoWomen’s Hiking BootsWater-resistant and comfy boots with an ankle support design.$59
SorelWomen’s Emelie III – ChelseaDurable and stylish waterproof boots that will keep your feet dry in any weather during winter and fall. Best for comfort and traction!$95
OnCloud 5 Waterproof SneakersGreat waterproof sneaker option for those wary of boots. Performance design for all types of terrains! Wind and waterproof.$192

Top Traveler’s Choice

The Sorel Women’s Emelie III – Chelsea are the top traveler’s choice for fall and winter! These shoes are a perfect choice because of their waterproof design, versatility and comfort when walking on a variety of terrains.

waterproof shoes against the coastline

β˜” Best Waterproof Shoes for Ireland

You don’t want water seeping through your shoes while traipsing the Irish countryside or wandering the streets of Galway! Here are my top picks for the best waterproof shoes for Ireland:

Shoe BrandStyleKey FeaturesPrice
STLDuck Waterproof Boots for WomenAdorable plaid designs in a variety of colors. These boots will keep you warm in the coldest of weather! Waterproof sealed.$57
SorelWomen’s Winter BootsLined with a warm microfleece. Faux-fur cuff design, high-quality waterproof winter boots. $84
SorelWomen’s Emelie III – ChelseaComfort and traction for all terrain types, these waterproof boots are a perfect and stylish choice for Ireland.$95
SorelKinetic Impact Conquest BootsClassic and versatile design, durable leather construction$120

Top Traveler’s Choice

The Sorel Kinetic Impact Conquest Boots win the top traveler’s choice!
Sorel dominates in the Best Waterproof Shoes for Ireland because of their durable boots for any terrain and high-quality waterproof designs.

πŸ₯Ύ Men’s Shoes for Ireland

Don’t worry, I’ve got men’s shoes covered here too! After consulting with my expert travel partner, I’ve narrowed down his best shoes for Ireland for men for any season:

Shoe BrandStyleKey FeaturesPrice
NortrivOutdoor Waterproof BootsNon-slip, durable, and designed for all day comfort. These boots can be worn in a variety of weathers and Irish landscapes!$59
London FogAspen Winter BootsBest for winter and fall, these boots will keep men’s feet warm in the coldest weathers! Insulation, support, and vegan leather are some of the key features of these boots.$40
CC LosComfort Walking ShoesCasual, breathable, and waterproof! These shoes are aimed primarily at a casual traveler, walking mostly over even terrains.$70

βœ… Tips for Shoe Packing

Pack your shoes properly and efficiently throughout your trip to Ireland! Follow my practical tips to pack your shoes for your trip:

Packing Tips:

  • Use shoe bags or wraps to protect your shoes from getting scuffed or dirty. This will also prevent your clothes from coming into contact with the soles of your shoes.
  • Place heavier or bulkier shoes at the bottom of your suitcase for easier access to your other items.
  • When traveling with boots, you can maximize space and help keep their shape by stuffing them! Stuff your shoes with socks or other soft items to help prevent them from getting squished on the plane.
  • You can consider using shoe packing cubes or compartments in your suitcase to keep your shoes separate from your clothing.
backpack and shoes against a cliff


What are the best shoes for Ireland?

The best shoes for Ireland depend on your planned travel activities and weather conditions. It is recommended to have a mix of shoes that will cover your needs! I recommend at least one pair of waterproof shoes and a pair of comfortable, casual shoes for your trip.

Do I need waterproof shoes for Ireland?

Waterproof shoes are a must-have for Ireland due to its unpredictable weather! Keeping your feet dry is important, especially since there isn’t much time to let shoes dry on your travels. One time, I had to try to dry my shoes in a B&B with a hairdryer… and trust me, you don’t want to deal with that on your trip to Ireland!

What kind of shoes should I wear for hiking in Ireland?

When hiking in Ireland, I recommend wearing sturdy and comfortable hiking shoes. Look for options that offer excellent support and durability. If you’re planning on visiting cliffs in Ireland or hiking in general, you’ll want to have some durable shoes!

Are boots necessary for Ireland’s weather?

Boots are necessary for Ireland’s weather in the fall and winter, and are great to have with you even during the summer. Having a pair of boots that offer warmth is great for colder days!

Can I wear sneakers in Ireland?

Yes, sneakers are a great choice for Ireland. They are comfy for enjoying pubs, or simply exploring the quaint towns in Ireland.

How can I pack and care for my shoes while in Ireland?

To pack and care for your shoes while in Ireland, it is important to pack them efficiently. This way you can maximize space in your luggage! I recommend wearing one pair as you board the plane to Ireland and taking the other in your luggage. Wrap the ones in your luggage to keep them from getting your clothes dirty.

“Good shoes take you good places.” – Seo Min Hyun

Key Points:

  • Choosing the right shoes for Ireland is crucial for a comfortable trip!
  • Consider the weather and activities when selecting your shoes.
  • Invest in waterproof shoes to keep your feet dry during rainy Ireland days.
  • Opt for hiking shoes with excellent support and traction for outdoor adventures.
  • Get walking shoes that combine comfort and fashion for city exploring.
Walking Skellig Michael, Ireland, with my boots

Your Final Step: Pack Your Shoes For Ireland!

Remember, ensuring you have good shoes for your Irish journey is key to maximizing comfort on your travels through Ireland. Don’t let soggy shoes dampen your spirits! With my recommendations, you can’t go wrong choosing the best shoes for Ireland. Blend your own style choice with my comfort and functionality picks to guarantee the best choice. Pick out your perfect pair from my list and pack your bags! Enjoy your trip to Ireland!

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