Is Florence Walkable? – The Best Walking Guide to the City

“Is Florence walkable?” is a common question people planning to visit Florence ask. As someone who lived in Florence, I can confidently tell you that Florence is a very walkable city! Walking is actually a very efficient way to get around and explore Florence. It’s also just a great way to experience the city and get to know the local culture. In this post, I’ll highlight some of the best ways to make the most of walking around Florence.

βœ… Pros and Cons of Walking in Florence


  • Exploring Florence by walking gives you more cultural immersion. It makes you feel like a traveler, not a tourist.
  • Walking in Florence saves money on transportation.
  • While walking through Florence, I stumbled upon restaurants and shops that I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise.
  • Walking in Florence allowed me to appreciate things like the architecture and street art up close.


  • You will be walking on cobblestone streets, so wear a good pair of shoes!
  • In peak seasons like summer, some areas may get crowded.
  • If you don’t push yourself out of your comfort zone and use other modes of transportation when traveling, that may become a barrier to new experiences.

The Most Walkable Places in Florence

Ponte Vecchio Bridge

Many famous landmarks in Florence are close by each other. For example, Ponte Vecchio Bridge is only a 10-15 minute walk from the city center. By walking, you can meander along Florence’s Arno River. You will also walk by the various shops and vendors along the bridge and can get some unique souvenirs here! The Ponte Vecchio is one of the most walkable places in Florence. It is also one of the most famous landmarks in Florence. Don’t miss it!

Piazzale Michelangelo for Iconic Views of Florence

Walked to one of the best viewpoints in Florence – Piazzale Michelangelo!

This viewpoint is a must-do while walking in Florence! You can walk from Ponte Vecchio to Piazzalle Michelangelo from the city center. Once you get up to the piazza, you’ll get to see views of all of Florence! You can get great photos of the Duomo from here. It’s also a great spot for watching the sunset over the city. Walking up to Piazzale Michelangelo also allows you to wander through local neighborhoods and really get a feel for the city.

Walk Through Florence’s Local Markets

One of my favorite things to do in Florence is exploring the local markets. The San Lorenzo Market is known for its leather items and the Mercato Centrale is a must for foodies. My personal favorite is the Sant’Ambrogio Market, which has been open since the 1800s. Daily at Sant’Ambrogio you can find fresh produce, cheese, wine and other local food. When I lived in Florence I visited the markets when I wasn’t eating out! It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and support the locals who call Tuscany home.

Wander The Churches in Florence

is Florence walkable? Walking by churches

Florence is home to some of the most famous churches in the world. They are definitely worth a visit! The Basilica di Santa Maria Novella is known for its beautiful frescoes and the Church of Santa Croce is the final resting place of famous Renaissance figures such as Michelangelo and Galileo. Walking through the churches in Florence causes you to slow down and makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Boboli Gardens for a Peaceful Walk in Nature & Art

Getting to the Boboli Gardens from the city center of Florence is a walking adventure tour of the city in itself! It will also show you how walkable Florence really is. Starting from Ponte Vecchio, it’s a short but lovely walk to the Pitti Palace and the Boboli Gardens.

Once you get here you’ll find that the Boboli Gardens are one of the most walkable places in Florence. You’ll feel like Italian royalty walking around the gardens! Visiting Boboli Gardens you can wander down blossoming pathways that lead to centuries-old sculptures. When wandering the gardens, I’d always find a new hidden corner or a sculpture I hadn’t noticed before!

Walk to Piazza del Duomo in Florence’s City Center

In the city center of Florence, the Duomo is both easy to spot and easy to walk to. The walk to the Duomo is full of streets lined with shops selling Italian trinkets and the absolute best gelato. Once you reach the Duomo make sure you go inside and climb up for breathtaking views of Florence!

βœ… The Best Walking Tours in Florence

Florence is a city meant to be explored walking, and there are countless walking tours available around the city! From famous landmarks to the quaint neighborhoods, these walking tours are both fun and enriching.

The Best of Florence Tour

In the Best of Florence walking tour, your local guide will take you on a walking adventure through the city. You’ll walk past landmarks such as the Church of Santa Maria Novella, the grand Palazzo Strozzi, the Duomo, and the famous Uffizi Gallery. Along the way, your guide will tell you all about the history and rich culture of Florence!

πŸ₯‡Private Tour: 3 Hour Heart of Florence Walking Tour

To get to see a ton of the city without feeling overwhelmed, consider kicking things off with a private walking tour. This three-hour tour will introduce you to the most famous landmarks of Florence like the Duomo and Piazza della Signoria. You will also see the Arno River as you cross the Ponte Vecchio! It’s a fantastic private walking tour that can give you an insider’s look at the heart of the city center in just 3 hours. Start your walk through Florence with this Private 3-Hour Walking Tour in Florence!

FAQ – Walkability in Florence

is Florence walkable? Yes! So many ways to get to so many landmarks by walking.

Is Florence easy to walk around?

Yes, it is! Florence is a city that was made to be explored by walking. The cobblestone streets, narrow alleys and open squares make it the perfect place for walking. Most of the major landmarks are located within walking distance from each other. It’s a nice place to not have to worry about transportation and just enjoy the city.

Is Florence walkable without a car?

100% Yes, Florence is walkable without a car. Cars are actually restricted in the center of Florence! This makes it a more enjoyable (and safe) walking experience. It’s nice not having to worry about watching for traffic as you explore!

Is everything in Florence walking distance?

While not absolutely everything in Florence is within walking distance, the majority of the major sights are. For example, you can easily walk from the Ponte Vecchio (one of the most famous bridges in the world) to the Piazza del Duomo (Florence’s iconic Dome) in less than 15 minutes. Other popular sights like Palazzo Pitti and the Uffizi Gallery are also within walking distance from each other.

Conclusion: Is Florence Walkable?

Walking around the city center of Florence!

The question, “Is Florence walkable?” brings back so many good memories. Walking through Florence allowed me to take everything at my own pace. I love exploring Florence by walking, finding hidden alleys and stumbling upon gelato stands. I want to assure you that if you’re worried about getting lost in a foreign city, know that yes, Florence is walkable and it’s the perfect place to start.

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