9 Things To Know About
The Best Colosseum Tours In 2024

If you’re planning a trip to Rome and are looking to visit the iconic Colosseum, taking a guided tour is highly recommended! The best colosseum tours will give you a deep understanding of the significance of the Colosseum, and will also help you skip the crowds and make the most out of your experience.

As someone who has spent time a lot of in Rome and visited the Colosseum, I can tell you with 100% certainty that a guided tour makes all the difference. With so many tour options available, it can be VERY overwhelming to choose the best one. When I was living in Italy, I had the opportunity to try out various tours. Based on my experience, there are 9 things you should know about the best Colosseum tours in 2024.

The Best Colosseum Tour

The best overall tour for the Colosseum is the Skip the Line: Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill Guided Tour. It includes priority access to the Colosseum, a local guide, and access to two other important ancient sites – the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. This tour is perfect for those who want a full experience of the Colosseum + Ancient Rome from a local expert guide in just 3 hours.


Skip The Line Colosseum Tour Roman Forum + Palatine Hill

✔️ Discover the Colosseum
✔️ Skip the line + Private guide
✔️ Roman Forum + Palatine Hill extras

It also includes skip-the-line access to save you time and energy! This means no waiting in long crowded lines under the hot sun, allowing you to enjoy your visit without feeling rushed or uncomfortable.

On this tour, you will not only get to explore the Colosseum but also the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill for the same cost as other tours that only include the Colosseum! Doing this will give you a well-rounded understanding of ancient Rome.

If you’re worried about the walking distance, don’t be! The best tour is designed to cover all three sites with minimal walking, making it accessible for everyone. In addition, you can upgrade this tour to the Colosseum’s underground areas, giving you access to areas that are usually off-limits!

9 Things To Know Before Choosing
The Best Colosseum Tour

Before booking your Colosseum tour, there are a few important things to keep in mind. To help you make the perfect travel choices, here are some key factors to consider when choosing the best Colosseum tour.

1. Choose a Skip-the-Line Tour

With so many tourists visiting the Colosseum, lines can get very long. The best colosseum tours include skip-the-line access to save time on your trip so you don’t have to wait in long lines.

2. Book an English Tour

If English is your preferred language, make sure to book a tour that offers an English-speaking guide. This will ensure you can fully understand and engage with the local guide.

3. Read Reviews

Take the time to read reviews from people who have taken the tour! This can give you a good idea of the quality and satisfaction levels of people who have done it.

Visiting the Colosseum during the best colosseum tours: a Skip The Line tour!
Visiting the Colosseum during a Skip The Line tour!

4. Consider Group Size

Smaller group sizes generally allow for a more personalized and tour experience. If this is important to you, look for tours with limited group sizes.

5. Consider the time of day

The Colosseum can get very crowded, so think about the time of day you want to visit. The morning and afternoon are the best time for colosseum tours and will provide better lighting for photos.

6. Look for Exclusive Access + Extras

Some tours offer exclusive access to areas of the Colosseum and include the other Ancient Roman sites next to the Colosseum. This provides a unique experience and usually are better tour options!

Roman Ruins at the Roman Forum
Access to the Roman Forums, right next to the Colosseum!

7. Embrace Cultural Differences and History

As you explore the Colosseum, keep in mind that you are stepping into a different culture with its own history and traditions. Be respectful and open to learning!

8. Book Your Colosseum Tour Early

The Colosseum is an extremely popular place to visit and tickets can sell out quickly. Make sure to book your tour in advance to secure your spot and avoid disappointment!

9. Choose a Well-Rounded Experience

Look for tours that not only cover the Colosseum but also include other attractions next to the Colosseum such as the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. This will give you a better experience and understanding of ancient Rome.

Photo of Roman ruins at Palatine Hill
Experiencing Roman history next to the Colosseum at Palatine Hill.

Getting Around Rome

One of the best ways to explore Rome is by walking. It gives you a chance to explore, and it also allows you to stumble upon hidden gems in Rome spontaneously. Similar to Florence, it is pretty easy to walk to all major landmarks if you’re staying in central Rome. If you’re not keen on walking, there are also options like taking public transportation or a hop on hop off bus.

Driving is an option in Rome, but if you choose to drive in Rome, be aware that the traffic can be intense and parking can be difficult to find.

If public transportation is your preferred way of getting around, make sure to look at routes and schedules before your trip! Train tickets can be easily booked for longer journeys to nearby cities, like Florence.

FAQ about the Best Colosseum Tours

Is A Colosseum Tour Worth It?

A Colosseum tour is definitely worth it! By doing a tour you learn fascinating tidbits about the Collosseum structure and past, and will gain a deeper appreciation for its cultural significance in Italy.

Which tour is best for Colosseum?

The most popular and recommended tour for the Colosseum is the skip-the-line tour, which allows you to bypass long lines and enter directly into the Colosseum. It also gives you entry to nearby ancient landmarks. This guided tour is one of the best in Rome!

Is the Colosseum Underground tour worth it?

Yes, the Colosseum Underground tour is definitely worth it as it allows you to access restricted areas of the Colosseum! You can select the Semi Private with Arena Access option when booking. It’s also recommended if you’re interested in learning more about the gladiator games that took place within the Colosseum.

Is the Colosseum underground claustrophobic?

As someone who gets claustrophobic easily, I can tell you that I had no problem with claustrophobia on the underground Colosseum tour! The underground areas are well-lit and roomy enough to house people.

What is the difference between the arena and the underground of the Colosseum?

The arena of the Colosseum is the main space where the gladiator fights and other events were. The underground, on the other hand, are the tunnels and chambers below. These used to house animals and gladiators before they made their entrance into the arena.

Wrap-Up: the Best Colosseum Tours

The best colosseum tours are the ones that offer a full look at this iconic and historical landmark. By exploring both the arena and the ancient Roman sites around it, you can gain a deeper understanding of how the Colosseum functioned in ancient Rome. These ancient sites will show you a glimpse into the life of ancient Romans and add to the overall experience of visiting the Colosseum.

Make sure to book your tour in advance to avoid long lines and crowded tours. Then you can relax, and know you’ll have the best Colosseum tour possible. When you get to Rome, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the incredible history of the Colosseum and Rome itself. Get ready to make some unforgettable memories in Rome!

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