The Best Gelato in Florence Italy (12 Amazing Places + Tips)

Long before I knew I would move to Florence, I dreamed of having gelato there. So naturally, when I made the move, I began a quest to discover the best gelato in the city. While there, I discovered so many great gelato shops, but the truth is, they’re not all created equal. And now, it’s time for your gelato adventure and I promise I’ll guide you to the best gelato in Florence. I’ve made this guide explaining gelato in Italy, a rundown of the best places for authentic gelato, and all the things you should know before diving into ordering gelato in Florence, Italy!

🍨 12 Amazing Places to Get Gelato in Florence

1. Grom

With over 60 gelato shops worldwide, Grom has become one of the gold standards of gelaterias. Starting from a humble beginning in Turin, Italy, Grom has expanded its reach to bring their amazing gelato to the rest of the world. With every bite, you will lose yourself in the taste of some of the best gelato in Florence, Italy.

What makes Grom gelato different? What sets Grom apart is their strong commitment to using all-natural ingredients. They source the finest fruits, nuts, and other fresh ingredients to create their flavorful gelato.

Address: Via del Campanile, 2, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy
Second location: Stazione Firenze, Piazza della Stazione, 18, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

2. Vivoli

Vivoli is conveniently located only a few steps away from Basilica di Santa Croce. Founded in 1930, this gelateria has been passed down from generation to generation, and it’s easy to see why! The gelato here is incredibly creamy and the flavors are perfectly balanced.

What sets Vivoli apart? Their secret recipe creates a gelato that is unmatched. Their location is right by one of Florence’s most famous churches, so it’s a great spot to stop in after exploring!

Address: Via Isola delle Stinche 7R, 50122, Florence Italy

3. La Carraia

La Carraia is another top contender for the best gelato in Florence. This gelateria prides itself on its wide range of flavors and high-quality ingredients. Reviews of La Carraia commonly say things like “Simply the best gelato I’ve ever had. My search for the perfect gelato is complete.“!

What sets La Carraia apart? The affordability of their gelato. While some gelaterias in Florence can be expensive, La Carraia offers generous portions at a budget-friendly price. Their location is a plus—it overlooks the Arno River! This makes it a great place to watch the world go by as you savor the gelato.

Address: Piazza Nazario Sauro 25, 50124, Florence Italy

4. Gelateria dei Neri

Gelateria dei Neri is a hidden gem near the Uffizi Gallery. Easy to pass by, this little gelateria may not seem like much from the outside. However, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in its gelato. Gelateria dei Neri was one of my absolute favorites when I was living in Florence.

Why go to Gelateria Dei Neri? Their unconventional flavors! Committed to raw ingredients, their gelato in Florence is truly unique. They have a constantly rotating menu, so you never know what surprise flavors you will find! Translated from Italian, their mission is to give a moment of pure happiness and a sweet product that is good for the soul.

Address: Via dei Neri, 9/11R, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

5. Gelateria della Passera

Located in a lesser-known piazza, Piazza della Passera, Gelateria della Passera is a must-visit while in Florence. This small family-owned shop has a cozy atmosphere and high-quality gelato.

Why is Gelateria della Passera worth a visit? Just minutes away from Ponte Vecchio, this gelateria has the most reasonable prices in that area. This place even gets recommended by locals who know authentic gelato best! Bonus: About half of their flavors are vegan, and they even have vegan cones!

Address: Via Toscanella, 15/red, 50125 Firenze FI, Italy

6. My Sugar

Just the most incredible gelato in the world.” A refreshing gelato option in Florence, My Sugar offers a variety of flavors. Made with fresh ingredients and simple, gelato at My Sugar is gelato as it was meant to be.

Why My Sugar? Some of the friendliest gelato staff in Florence are here! It’s a very welcoming place for travelers. My Sugar is in a quaint neighborhood near San Lorenzo, and has outdoor seating, making it a great place to enjoy your gelato.

Address: Via de’ Ginori, 49/red, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

7. La Stregga Nocciola

Known for its lavender and hazelnut, La Stregga Nocciolo will not disappoint! Its convenient location near the Duomo draws travelers in. If you see a line here—I promise it’s worth the wait!

What makes La Stregga Nocciola different? Arguably one of the best gelato locations near the city center, La Stregga Nocciola has made a name for itself near the Duomo. This location is rated one of the highest places for gelato in Florence!

Address: Via Ricasoli 16r, 50122, Florence Italy

gelato in Florence Italy

8. Gelateria Baroncini

Opened in 1946, and still being run by the same family, Gelateria Baroncini is one gelato shop that you shouldn’t miss in Florence! When you visit this gelateria, you will notice many locals visiting the shop. This is a sign of a hidden gem in Florence! There’s a good reason why the locals are here.

Why go to Gelateria Baroncini? It’s not marketed towards tourists, this gelateria is a low-priced option with many locals visiting. The gelato itself is so fresh and creamy!

Address: Via Celso, 3r, 50139 Firenze FI, Italy

9. Il Procopio

This gelateria is a few blocks out of the historical and touristy city center of Florence, but well worth the detour. After you have gelato here, you may start to contemplate having more right away. It’s that good!

What sets Il Procopio apart? A little off the beaten path, but with cheaper prices–their gelato is anything but cheap. From orange zest with almonds to lemon basil, their inventive flavors made with local ingredients are out of this world!

Address: Via Pietrapiana 60/62R, 50121, Florence Italy

10. Perchè No!!

A trendy gelateria with incredible gelato at a reasonable price, in the city center! What more could you want from gelato in Florence, Italy? Perchè No! has become known for consistently topping lists of the best gelato in Florence.

Why visit? Perchè No! has exceptional takes on classic gelato flavors. They also will make milkshakes out of any of their “mindblowing” gelato flavors.
Bonus: Has flavors other than sorbet for vegans!

Address: Via Dei Tavolini 19R, 50122, Florence Italy


You may see a line out of the door in this small shop. I recommend stopping in regardless! Always highly recommended by locals, the gelato at Sbrinio is worth the wait.

What sets Sbrinio apart? Their approach to flavor combinations. From avocado and lime to rosemary and honey, Sbrinio isn’t afraid to mix things up!

Address: Via De’ Serragli 32 r, 50124, Florence Italy

12. Antica Gelateria Fiorentina

A cute and cozy gelateria on a narrow street, this gelateria is a true Florentine experience! Go here for some of the best gelato in Florence.

Why visit Antica Gelateria Fiorentina? Delicious gelato is one reason! Their gelato tastes fresh and natural, and the location feels off of the main tourist area.

Address: Via Faenza n. 2A, 50123, Florence Italy

🍦 Best Gelato Classes & Tours in Florence

gelato in Florence, Italy

Florence has so many amazing tours for foodies. But this is for those of you wanting to experience the very best gelato. From Gelato tasting to making gelato for yourself, here are the best gelato tours in Florence:

#1 TOP Pick

Tuscany Pizza and Gelato Cooking Class

✔️ Pizza + Gelato Cooking Class
✔️ Learn from an Italian Chef
✔️ Transport from Florence

Tuscany Pizza and Gelato Cooking Class: This incredible class takes place at a Tuscan farmhouse. It includes dinner, the cooking class, and round-trip transportation from central Florence! The views and the food can’t be beat!

#2 Pick

Florence E-Bike + Gelato Tasting

✔️ E-Bike through Tuscany
✔️ Private Guide
✔️ Authentic Gelato Tasting

Florence E-Bike Tour + Gelato Tasting: Starting in the heart of Florence, you’ll experience the neighborhoods, and go into the beautiful Tuscan countryside on this tour. You’ll pass dreamy olive groves and small vineyards, and end the tour tasting some of the best gelato in Florence. If you want to see the best of Florence and taste incredible gelato along the way—book this tour.

#3 Pick

Pasta + Gelato Cooking Class

✔️ Learn to make pasta and gelato
✔️ Local chef instructor
✔️ Authentic meal and wine

Crazy For Pasta + Gelato Class: Want to learn how to make pasta AND gelato in central Florence? I got you! This is the tour for you if you’re a gelato AND pasta lover. First, you’ll learn how to make classic (vegetarian-friendly) pasta dishes. Then, with your chef instructor, you’ll learn how to make authentic gelato! Finally, you’ll get to sit down and enjoy the meal that you’ve made with a glass of wine. Fantastica! It doesn’t get any better than that!

Best Gelato in Florence, Italy (near the Duomo)

Some of the best gelato locations in Florence are near the Duomo! Although it’s a tourist destination—it also has some of the best gelato in the city (if you know where to look). Here are the best gelato spots in Florence near the Duomo:

  • Gelateria De’ Medici – A family-owned gelateria that combines traditional flavors with modern innovations and a wide variety. “There is no ingredient that cannot become Gelato“.
  • Vivoli – This historic gelato shop in Florence was founded in 1929! Renowned in Italy for its rich, creamy textures and craftsmanship.
  • Gelateria dei Neri – A local favorite shop known for its gelato quality and raw ingredients ingredients, with vegan and gluten-free options available.
  • Perché No! – With a history dating back to 1939, this gelateria is well loved with traditional Tuscan flavors and seasonal rotations.

Map of Locations of the Best Gelato in Florence

Given my experience living in Italy, I know how confusing navigating can be when you’re visiting an area for the first time. So I’ve created a map for you so you can visually see where the best gelato locations are in Florence! As you can see, there are many places with the best gelato in Florence located near the city center. 

Vegan and dairy-free gelato in Florence

I also understand the struggles that come with searching for vegan and dairy-free options! Especially with something like gelato, the struggle is real. The good news is, there’s a lot of great options for gelato in Florence for people who are vegan or need dairy-free options. Here are a few gelato shops in Florence that are known for their great vegan and dairy-free options:

  • Perchè No: You can’t go wrong visiting Perchè No! This historic gelateria in Florence has soy and rice milk gelato options, as well as fruit and chocolate sorbet!
  • Geletaria Dei Neri: Most of their dairy-free and vegan gelato are their fruit flavors. Other vegan flavors include coconut and dark chocolate. They’re still a great option in the city center as they make my list for the top 12 best gelato in Florence.
  • Festival Del Gelato: This unique gelateria offers vegan gelato flavors made from rice milk and a few from soymilk. They have signs letting you know which flavors are “Vegan OK!
Eating gelato from Festival Del Gelato in Florence, Italy!
Eating gelato from Festival Del Gelato! They have great dairy-free options for gelato in Florence!

These gelato shops are committed to providing a gelato experience for everyone, ensuring that those following a vegan or dairy-free diet can still taste the joy of gelato.

Gelato places to avoid in Florence 

Living in Florence, I felt like gelato was on every street corner. But how do you know which gelato to choose? What places should you avoid? I certainly learned some lessons while I was there. Here are some important tips you need to know about eating gelato in Florence:

geletaria in Florence, italy
Gelato piled in high mounds in Florence. Avoid this!

Tips on Eating Gelato in Italy

  • Don’t go where the gelato is piled high in mounds. Gelato piled high can indicate that the shop is using cheap vegetable fats in their creations. Real gelato without cheap additives would melt and go over the sides if piled high.

  • Choose places where the gelato is pale in color. These places use ingredients that are high quality and natural. Don’t choose shops that have lots of brightly colored gelato—this is a sign of artificial flavoring. For example, if you blend up a banana, it would look greyish white, not bright yellow… remember that!

  • Avoid chain gelato. Grom is an exception. While every gelato shop is tempting, chain gelato shops often prioritize mass production. Avoid the obvious chain spots if you want a more authentic gelato experience!

  • Avoid tourist trap gelato. Gelato shops right in front of major tourist attractions tend to prioritize quantity over quality. Wander into local neighborhoods for hidden gems—sometimes they’re only a few blocks away!

🍨 Culture and Gelato in Florence, Italy

streets of Florence, Italy

Gelato dates back thousands of years, and there’s no better way to experience gelato than in Florence. It was during the Italian Renaissance when the tradition of Italian gelato began! In the 1500’s, the wealthy Medici family in Florence hosted a contest for the best frozen dessert. A man named Ruggeri, a chicken farmer and cook, took part in the competition. Ruggeri won by making a frozen sweet from fruit (now a sorbet!).

Enter Bernando Buontalenti. In the 16th century, Buontalenti was already well known. He was a famous painter, architect, and amateur cook. He is generally credited today as being the inventor of gelato, credited to adding milk and eggs which make up many gelato we eat now.

The reason for so many gelato places in Italy isn’t just because of tourists. It’s also historical. In the Renaissance, gelato was enjoyed by all. Today, Florence’s gelato culture is rooted in the city’s history and passion for artistry. Gelato makers in Florence continue to uphold the centuries-old techniques and recipes.

When you visit Florence, I highly recommend visiting one of these incredible gelato places and celebrating Florence’s Renaissance spirit with gelato!

FAQ About Gelato in Florence, Italy

gelato in a gelato ship in Florence, Italy

Is Florence known for gelato?

Absolutely! Florence is renowned for having exceptional gelato. Not only that, but gelato is said to have originated in Florence in the 1500s. It’s a big part of the city’s culinary identity and a must-try while you’re in Florence!

What is the oldest gelato in Florence?

The oldest gelato in Florence is Vivoli, which has been family owned for generations. Vivoli dates back to 1930, making it the oldest gelato shop still open in Florence.

What is the most popular gelato in Italy?

The answer to this will vary, but I observed that some of the most popular gelato flavors in Italy are pistachio, stracciatella, and hazelnut. The popularity of flavors can vary from region to region though as many gelato places offer fresh seasonal flavors.

How much does gelato cost in Florence Italy?

The cost of gelato in Florence can vary. Factors that affect the price include location and size. On average, it costs about €2 to €5 for one scoop of gelato. Prices may be slightly higher in touristy areas!

🍨 Final Notes

As we wrap up our gelato exploration in Florence, Italy, remember the insider tips you’ve learned about gelato! Now you can go venturing the streets of Florence for gelato with the tips of a local and the excitement of a traveler. Make sure you go beyond your comfort zone and try various flavors for the best gelato experience, ever.

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