Is Rome Safe? 12 Things to Know Before Visiting (2024)

So you’re excited to visit Roma – the city of ancient gladiators, incredible art, a dash of Italian chaos, and a plateful of the best food you’ll ever eat. But amidst all of this, you might be wondering, “Is Rome safe?“.

As someone who has explored Rome solo, I can tell you that with a few smart strategies, Rome is absolutely safe to explore and definitely worth visiting. All it takes is knowing some essential Rome safety tips!

In this article, I will share my 12 essential things to know before visiting Rome, plus everything you need to know to help you navigate Rome safely in 2024!

๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น 12 Rome Safety Tips + Things to Know Before Visiting

You’ve been dying to visit Rome forever, and I’m so excited you’re finally making it happen! But between you and me, Rome can also be a bit of a hot mess at times.

Before you go on your journey to Rome, you’ll want to keep a few safety tips in mind. I know, I know, you’re an experienced traveler, but when in Romeโ€ฆliterally! My Rome safety tips will help ensure your trip is an epic experience, rather than an oh-my-god-I’ve-been-pickpocketed situation.

1. Ditch any obvious touristy outfit that screams “rob me!”. Leave the “I Love Rome” t-shirts for your suitcase to take home and opt for a more “I’m a local” vibe. 

2. As tempting as it is, don’t go wandering off into Roman side-alleys after dark. There are some areas to avoid in Rome and things can get a little sketchy once the sun sets. Stick to well-lit, busier areas at night.

3. Only use legit, licensed and metered Roman cabs unless you want to get ripped off. Don’t even think about taking an unlicensed taxi, no matter how good the rate sounds.

4. Please don’t strip down in Rome’s fountains! Have you seen the cringey tourists in the news for this? Public nudity is a hard no in Italy. Unless you want to be arrested in Rome, I wouldn’t.

5. Don’t leave your drink unattended. Definitely indulge in some local vino – I know, when in Rome, right? But safety first, then pasta and wine!

6. Beware of gift-givers. I’m serious! If someone offers you flowers or any kind of bracelet, say no and walk away. It’s a common travel scam in Europe, and they will quite literally rope you into it! (I know this based on experience in Paris… Cosรฌ รจ la vita!)

7. Learn a few Italian phrases. A simple “Grazie” or “Buongiorno” can go a long way. It’s important to remember you’re in another country, and even if you don’t speak Italian, it’s much appreciated by locals!

8. Park wisely if you’re driving in Rome. Street parking in Rome often = a world of traveler’s pain with break-ins, dents, and tickets. Use secure paid lots as much as possible, and don’t leave anything of value visible in your car.

9. When visiting major religious places like the Vatican, dress conservatively. A low cut neckline and short shorts are a no-go for the churches in Rome. Carry a shawl or cardigan to throw on and be respectful of these spaces! This is more of a helpful suggestionโ€”you don’t want to be denied entry anywhere on your trip!

Me in front of the Vatican in Rome
At the Vatican in Rome!

10. Keep your belongings near your body, especially when visiting more touristy sites. I’m talking money belt, crossbody bag – anything that doesn’t leave expensive things exposed.

11. Speaking of walking safely in Rome, watch out when crossing streets. The whole “cars stopping for pedestrians” thing feels like more of a polite suggestion than a rule in Rome. Don’t assume you have the right of way. Rome’s driver’s can be…let’s just say aggressive.

12. Don’t answer your door at night! While the accommodations in Rome are generally great, it’s just smart to keep the door locked. Especially if you’re staying in a budget accommodation, don’t answer the door for any knocking. You just don’t know if it could be someone with sketchier motives.

๐ŸŒ™ Is Rome Safe at Night?

As a Italy-obssessed international traveler, allow me to give you some tips for walking in Rome! The million dollar question is – is Rome safe at night for wandering around? The honest answer is that like any major city, you’ll need to exercise some basic common sense, but Rome is generally safe after dark if you follow my Rome safety tips below.

Is Rome Safe? Make sure to stay in lit areas at night. Well-lit alley in Rome at night.

Is Rome safe to walk around at night?

I’m not going to sugar coat itโ€”Rome’s prime tourist zones can get a little… night. But with some simple precautions, you can avoid being an easy target.

So, is Rome safe to walk around at night? First off, stick to the well-lit main areas. As tempting as it might be to have a Roman Holiday moment, that’s just plain unsafe.

I recommend carrying an anti-theft style crossbody bag or money belt to put your cash, cards, and docs. Always be mindful of your surroundings when accessing them, too!

The good news is, Rome has a very strong police presence in all the top areas, especially at night. You’ll see police officers patrolling by car, foot, and even horseback in some tourist spots! Stay in areas where there’s other people, watch your belongings, and you’ll do fine.

Is Rome Safe For Solo Female Travelers?

Visiting the Colosseum on a solo trip to Rome!

Is Rome safe for solo female travelers? Overall, yes! If you’re sweating the safety factors for a solo travel trip to Rome, I’m here to put those fears to rest. As someone who traveled solo in Rome, I can assure you that Rome is amazing for solo female travelers aka women explorers. Follow all of the tips in this post, and you can’t go wrong.

Rome is one of the most heavily-touristed cities in the world. With that comes a police force who knows what they’re doing and local population that knows how to handle outside visitors. You’ll find a solid security presence in Rome. Safer than most American cities, if you’re asking me!

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๐Ÿš• How to Get Around Rome by Public Transport Safely

When it comes to navigating Rome, many people are often concerned about safety. So, is Rome safe to travel around by public transport?

The answer is yes, Rome is generally a safe city for using public transport. The city has an extensive network of buses, trams, and metro lines. It’s very easy to get from one place to another whether you’re walking or using public transport! All safety things considered, Rome’s public transport systems are a reliable and efficient way to get around.

View from a hop on hop off bus in Rome.

Types of Transport in Rome

  • Metro: Rome’s metro has three lines: A (orange), B (blue), and C (green). It’s the speediest way to cross long distances in the city.
  • Buses and Trams: They cover more ground than the metro. Be wary of rush hours, though; they can be crowded!
  • Trains: Regional trains connect you to other major cities and suburban areas from Rome.
  • Hop on Hop Off Bus: Although not technically “public transport”, it’s worth a mention, and a popular way to get around for people visiting Rome.

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This is the easiest way I’ve found to book train and bus tickets in Italy!

Is Taxi Safe in Rome?

Rome attracts millions of visitors each year. Many travelers rely on taxis for transportation to explore the city. However, you might be wondering if it’s very safe to take a taxi in Rome. Generally, taxis are safe in Rome, but there are some things to keep in mind before hopping into one.

  • Official Taxis: Make sure you use the official white taxis with meters! These taxis will have a taxi sign on their roof and the words “Comune di Roma” (Municipality of Rome) on their door.
  • Taxi Scams: Beware of scams such as overcharging or taking a longer route to your destination. Always make sure the meter is running and ask for a receipt at the end of your ride!
  • Safety at Night: Like in any other city, it’s advisable to avoid taking taxis late at night. If you do need to take a taxi, try to arrange for one through your hotel or use ride-sharing apps like Uber.

Is the Metro Safe in Rome?

Like with any major city, it is important to be aware of your surroundings while using the metro. However, compared to other large cities, Rome’s metro system is pretty safe. The stations are well-lit and monitored by security, which makes them feel safer while traveling.

That being said, you should still take safety into account while using the metro in Rome! Avoid showing expensive belongings or jewelry on the metro. Be mindful of your belongings at all times. This is not to scare you, but just important safety tips for Rome. Is Rome safe? Overall, yes, and so is its trusty metro system!

๐Ÿ Safe Rome Neighborhoods to Stay

Choosing where to stay in Rome can feel like a mini-adventure all on its own, right? Here are a couple of my favorite safe Rome neighborhoods to stay:

  • Trastevere: This area is the heart and soul of Rome for me. Think cobblestone streets, ivy-covered walls, and authenticity! Trastevere has some of the best restaurants and cafes.
  • Prati: If you’re a fan of “Roman Holiday” and want to feel like royalty (or like Audrey Hepburn), Prati is the spot to stay. Elegant, a bit quieter, but very close to the Vatican. A great central area for exploring!

And remember, no matter where you decide, you’re in Rome! There’s plenty of great places to stay in this beautiful city.

๐Ÿ›๏ธ Areas to Avoid in Rome

While Rome is generally safe, like any big city, it has its sketchier parts. Now, don’t get me wrong, Iโ€™m not saying these areas are a total no-go, but maybe consider these spots as “visit during daylight hours” kind of places, especially if you’re navigating them solo.

The Roma Termini train station in Rome.

Rome Neighborhoods to Avoid

There are certainly some Rome neighborhoods to avoid on your tripโ€”many of them being common tourist areas. The Esquilino area, close to Termini Station, is sketchy after dark. It’s popular due to the train station, but it’s the most crime-ridden area. San Basilio, Corviale and Tor Bella Monaca are other areas to avoid in Rome, especially at night.

My advice? Enjoy these areas during the day, and when it goes down, maybe plan for a pizza dinner in Trastevere!

โ˜Ž๏ธ Emergency Services in Rome

So, let’s talk about something important but often overlooked โ€“ emergency situations in Rome. I’m not trying to scare you, but it’s always wise to be prepared, right? Maybe you misplace your passport or encounter a medical issue. It’s moments like these when pre-planning goes a long way!

What to do in an emergency in Rome

First, in an emergency, call 112. Now, if you’re ever in need of medical attention, don’t panic. There are plenty of hospitals and medical facilities geared towards tourists. One is Policlinico Umberto I, near La Sapienza University in central Rome. Remember, it’s always a smart move to have travel insurance, especially for longer stays.

Okay, so what if you lose your passport? Don’t freak out. Just head straight to the nearest embassy! For English speakers, the embassy services will be a lifesaver. They’ll walk you through the process of getting a replacement passport.

What is 911 in Rome?

First things first, let’s talk numbers. In Rome, dialing 112 is your go-to for emergencies, whether it’s medical, fire-related, or involving the police. Yep, it’s like the European version of our good old 911 back home. There are other numbers but it is recommended foreigners call 112, so you can be routed to the right line.

Remember, staying calm and being prepared are the best things you can do in an emergency in Rome. Taking the time to know these Rome safety tips will ensure that you have the best trip possible!

Is Rome Safe? FAQs

Is Monti safe in Rome?

Monti is considered safe in Rome. The neighborhood area of Monti has a high police presence and is a thriving neighborhood community. While Rome may encounter some safety issues typical of any major city, the neighborhood of Monti is safe to explore in Rome. 

Is tap water safe to drink in Rome?

Yes, the tap water is safe to drink in Rome! Rome actually has some of the cleanest tap water in Italy. The water supply in the city comes from several sources. 80% of the water supplying the city of Rome comes from the Peschiera-Capore aqueduct. Rome also cares a lot about water safety, sustainability, and maximizing environmental protection. The tap water in Rome meets high standards set by the European Union for drinking water.

Are the Rome water fountains safe?

The answer is yes, the water fountains are safe in Rome. Rome’s water fountains are connected to a reliable and well-maintained network of aqueducts. Rome is has more than 2,500 water fountains around the city (also called nasoni) which free fresh water all year for locals and visitors!

Which is safer Rome Or Florence?

Florence is generally considered a safer city compared to Rome. It is smaller and has a more relaxed atmosphere, making it less prone to hecticness. While Florence also experiences cases of pickpocketing, it is typically less frequent than in Rome. Overall, by learning proper travel safety, you can have a safe and wonderful experience in either Rome or Florence.

๐Ÿฅ‚Wrap Up: Is Rome Safe?

So, wrapping up our chat about safety in Rome, let me reassure you โ€“ Rome is an incredible place to travel, and safety’s definitely not the big issue you think it might be here.

If you’re still stressing about “is Rome safe”, just remember all of these travel safety tips you’ve learned. Don’t let safety fears take over your trip with worries! After all, Rome’s all about indulging in the best Italian cuisine, and exploring ancient wonders of the world.

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โค๏ธโ€๐Ÿฉน Should I buy Italy travel insurance?

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