Weather in Ireland in September – Best Survival Guide for 2024

Weather in Ireland in September - Ring of Kerry
Killarney National Park in September with blue skies!

The very mention of the weather in Ireland in September might conjure images of rain-soaked landscapes or your own rain-soaked clothes or shoes… but If you’re lucky enough to visit Ireland in September, you’re in for a treat. 

This country of varied climates has so much more in store in September than just its mystical mist on the Irish mountaintops. In fact, these two photos were taken only two days apart!

weather in September in Ireland - Kerry Cliffs
All smiles while getting totally soaked at the Kerry Cliffs in September in Ireland.

This blog post will be your best guide to the weather in Ireland in September, and whether you’re touring castles or driving through the Irish countryside, I will prepare you for your journey through the natural magic of Ireland and the occasional drizzle outside. As they say in Ireland, have a Guinness for strength! Ireland in September awaits you!

🌧️ Is September a rainy month in Ireland?

To set the record straight right away – yes, September is one of Ireland’s rainier months! The weather in Ireland can change every 15 minutes, they say, but I didn’t find that to be true in September. Rainfall is a part of the country of Ireland, nourishing the vibrancy of landscapes. How do you think the countryside is so green? It’s that very rainfall that gives Ireland’s rolling hills their vibrancy!

Rainfull during fall in Ireland

The average rainfall in September may not create a downpour every day, but it’s not uncommon to see some rain during your trip. This, in part, contributes to Ireland’s crisp air and clear waters – it’s no wonder Ireland has an unrivaled natural beauty.

☂️ Planning for the Ireland weather in September

• Book a Tour: Regardless of what city you are visiting in Ireland, there are many incredible tours you can take! This ensures that you always have something fun to do despite changes in the weather.

Pro-tip: Do a castle tour! You can like you stepped into a fairytale peering out from a castle window while watching the September rain drizzle down.


• Check Out a Local Irish Pub: Rain is just another excuse to mingle with the locals in a cozy pub over a pint or two. Pro tip: Check out pubs that have live music in the evenings – they will not disappoint!

Visiting Sin é Pub in Cork City, known for its traditional Irish music!

• Be Water-Resilient: Invest in a quality waterproof raincoat and a small, trusty umbrella for your trip, trust me!

• Expand Your Mindset: Rainbows and mist give a magical touch to the Irish landscape. Pack your camera and take it all in!

So you might be saying okay, fine, I don’t mind getting a little wet… but how cold is it and what do I need to wear for this mix of weather in Ireland in the fall season?

How cold is Ireland in September?

The weather in Ireland in September is a gentle reminder that fall in Ireland is beginning and the rainy season is on its way. The daily highs hover around 15-18°C (59-64°F), while night temperatures drop to 9-13°C (48-55°F). It’s not THAT cold, but it’s a call to pack some layers if you want to stay comfortable on your trip to Ireland.

👗 What do you wear in Ireland in September?

weather in September in Ireland

Part of September’s charm in Ireland lies in its mixed bag of weather! Read on for my best tips on what to wear for your Ireland travels.

What to wear for the weather in Ireland in September:

• Must packs: The number one MUST is a light waterproof jacket . This keeps the elements out without taking over your outfit! I was able to shove my jacket in my bag and pull it out when the rain came.

• A long-sleeved cotton shirt is your pal, providing both breathability and comfort.

• A sweater or cardigan will add warmth and an Irish touch to your outfits.

• Think in layers and pack light! Start with a base and pile on more clothing as needed. For me, I liked to wear dresses and throw my raincoat over my clothes when I needed to. Ireland is famous for Aran wool sweaters, and you’ll definitely end up wanting to get one (or two) of those!

Can I wear leggings in Ireland?

Absolutely, you can wear leggings in Ireland! No judgments here; it’s important to be comfortable on your travels. Pair your leggings with dresses or longer tunics for a comfortable look. Embrace the windswept Irish countryside or the bustling streets of Dublin and stay comfortable!

Pro-tip: Fleece-lined leggings are a game-changer. They’ll keep you warm but not uncomfortable on any day in September.

Can you wear jeans in Ireland?

It is best to pack layers when visiting Ireland. Jeans may be what you normally wear at home, but you may want to rethink them before you pack. Wet denim does not dry out well, particularly in rain showers that Ireland is famous for. Breathable materials and moisture-wicking fabrics are better alternatives.

📅 What Month is the Nicest Weather in Ireland?

Ireland mainland

Ireland’s weather in September offers no guarantees, but September is a great month to travel. Why? Well, it’s not too cold, and not too hot. It may rain but the chance of rain is still less than the rest of the fall in Ireland! Visiting during September means you get to enjoy Ireland’s greenery without the potential of tourist crowds in the summer months.

☘️ Is Ireland Still Green in September?

Oh, rest assured, you will still be in the land of a thousand shades of green in Ireland in September! In fact, September offers a tiny glimpse into Ireland in the fall without sacrificing the vibrant green look you’re dreaming of. Think of rolling Irish hills and fields and a mix of greens as the sheep and cows graze on happily, that can only be – Ireland.

🍂 Is It Better to Visit Ireland in September or October?

Weather in Ireland in September or October
October in Ireland photo by Unsplash.

This is a commonly asked question. While October will bring slightly colder weather and daylight hours will start to decline, September’s golden hours allow for longer days to explore the charm of Irish towns. October will bring more fall colors to Ireland as some greenery begins to turn orange for fall. In October, you may want to duck into a pub and enjoy the local atmosphere a little earlier. Each month, of course, has its unique appeal, so it ultimately boils down to personal preference.

✅ September Weather in Ireland, Yay or Nay?

The weather in Ireland in September is like an introduction to the more robust chapter of its fall and winter seasons. Whether you’re visiting the best castles in the South of Ireland or exploring Dublin, September is a great time to visit Ireland. It’s a time when you can still have incredible outdoor adventures while being gently reminded to pause and take in the warmth of Irish hospitality and pub culture.

Bring a rain jacket, but don’t fear the rain – it’s part of Ireland’s character and a gift that keeps the landscape of Ireland so vibrant! In September, gear up, and prepare for an adventure. Do this, and Ireland will welcome you in September, showers and all.

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